Promotional Items

By definition promotional products or specialty advertising are useful items imprinted with an advertiser's name, logo, message or offer. Look around... There's a 90% chance that you have in your possession a pen, calendar, coffee mug, T-shirt or some other promotional item that someone gave you to keep their name in the forefront of your mind. Promotional products have often been overlooked when businesses develop their marketing campaigns. While some think of them only as gadgets, gizmos, novelties, trinkets or give-aways; savvy marketers realize the impact promotions have in reaching a specific target audience. This industry, which includes over 200,000 different products, is one of the most important and respected parts of the integrated marketing communications mix. Because promotional products are tangible and useful to the recipient, they are kept long after other elements of a campaign may have been forgotten. A recent study showed that promotional products can enhance a company's good will standing with it's customers as much as 52%. These results include customer loyalty, repeat purchases and a willingness to recommend the company to others.

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